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10 Facts About TAURUS-GEMINI Cusps: The Cusp Of Energy ♉♊

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Taurus Gemini Cusp Personality

Taurus – Gemini Cusp Birthdays: May 17 – 23

The Taurus/Gemini cusp is referred to as the “cusp of energy.” Together these two are vibrant, versatile and prolific. Some have been known to liken this time to early adolescent, wanting to do so much and having the energy to do it. Being both Earth sign (Taurus) and Air sign (Gemini), the physical nature of the Taurus side combines nicely with the excitement and constant movement of the Gemini. The desire to do is combined with a thorough thought process and excellent communication. One thing is for certain, this combination loves to communicate.

Whether it is a short chat or in depth conversation, a Taurus Gemini cusp is likely to dominate that by providing all sorts of tidbits of information. If a Taurus/Gemini is not actively pursuing some sort of interest or goal, they are certainly talking about it. Both signs thrive on any form of communication and would be rather bored otherwise. But because the sign is made up of conflicting elements, what is said may lack a level of sensitivity and emotion. This is a battle that any Earth and Air combinations will face. Earth brings about a physical stability while whatever mental stability it had kinda goes out the door with the vastness and cool tone that comes with the Air sign.

Sadly this makes also makes this combination prone to burn out. Too much of a good thing isn’t really a good thing. If you are born under this combination, you tend to burn out quickly and brightly if your pace is not kept in check. If you do not trust your intuition enough or you lack emotional sensitivity to others, you may be limiting yourself and your success in life. Listen before you act and let your fears and insecurities fall to the wayside. Remember that hard as you may try, you cannot please everyone all the time. One thing you will never have to worry about, your desire to persevere. You may burn out, you may want to give up but you will always make it through to the end.

This is all a part of the Air and Earth conflict. The Earth side provides stability and self discipline but the Air influence drawn the combination towards behavior that is nowhere near stable and has no real need for any of their ingrained discipline. This leads a Gemini Taurus combination to be somewhat inconsistent, nervous and very scattered. But in that same breath they can both analyze challenges and communicate them to others easily. They can adapt easily and are highly intelligent but for all their practicality they can be just as over indulgent. Couple the latter with their charm and gentleness and you have someone you can fall easily in love with and not want to let go.

A Gemini – Taurus in love is a rather fun. Though this combination seems to have many more friends than lovers, they truly enjoy pleasure. All forms of pleasure: food, drink and sex are definitely high on the list for a Taurus Gemini cusp.

Because of their love for communication, it makes them desirable to the talkers of the Zodiac, Aquarians and Sagittarians I am looking at you. Many signs will also find a Taurus/Gemini cusp attractive because their energy keeps them young mentally and physically. Another trait that attracts so many people to them is their generosity. Here are a few Taurus/Gemini traits:

Facts About Taurus Gemini Cusps

  1. You are fascinated with information. Any subject that you are drawn to leaves you with a thirst to learn more. Once you learn it, you can communicate it perfectly to others.
  2. You are expressive. Not just in verbal communication but with imagination and creativity. You have the curiosity of the Air element and the focus of the Earth element to see you through.
  3. The Taurus Gemini cusp is a master multi-tasker, in part because they have to be. They may have project on hand that needs completion but they will stop to help others, often without needing to be asked and still finish what they need to do on time.
  4. Taurus/Gemini like possessions. Sometimes the need for pleasure transfers over to shopping of some sort. Accumulating whatever they desire is another means of achieving stimulation.
  5. You are very, very sensual. If someone can turn on your mind they are rounding third plate and sliding into home.
  6. It is likely they this combination has more friends than lovers but the same loyalty, gentleness and charm they show their friends, they also show their lovers.
  7. As a Taurus/Gemini cusp, you are carefree, unpredictable and high strung but you are just as tolerant and dependable as everyone else if not more.
  8. There is never a dull moment with this combination. He or she is definitely an entertainer.
  9. You don’t know when to stop. Limits are none existent for the most part which sometimes leads you to overwhelming someone or coming on too strong. That needs to be curbed just a bit.
  10. You are a natural born communicator. Any form of public speaking or getting your point across is rather easy for you.

Most of you born under this zodiac cusp feel that love and romance is something you that should just come to you. It has its own process and chain of events but it isn’t anything you ever feel the need to force. You are quite content being single if that is what you choose.

When considering a mate you could do no wrong with an Aquarius. He or she will be able to pick up on your energy and intuitively understand you and give you what you need. Don’t shy away from fellow Aries/Taurus and Sagittarian/Capricorn cusps. They are friends that could become more and be your partner in crime. So yes, you may need to exercise some self control and yes you do have issues to contend with but this is nothing you or someone who loves you can’t get through. Just remember that you don’t have to compromise your independence but letting someone else help from time to time isn’t the end of the world.

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