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MUTABLE SIGNS in Astrology – (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

mutable signs

Mutable Signs

Qualities of the Mutable Signs of the Zodiac:  Adaptable, Unpredictable, Open-Minded

The Mutable Signs of the Zodiac embody changeable behaviors. These people are adaptable to the environment and are extremely unpredictable. In addition, they are flexible and can make the most out of a given situation. They are very open-minded, so if someone were to ask them to mediate an argument, a mutable sign would be able to see all the sides to the matter and make an ethical selection accordingly.

However, mutable signs are prone to displaying aspects of ambiguousness. They also have the potential to lose direction in themselves and their overall purpose in life, when their minds are not clear. Meditation is a clear form of quieting the mind; mutable signs would benefit from it.

Mutable Sign: GEMINI (Air)

Gemini birthdays: May 21-June 21

Gemini air mutable signs display a plethora of profundity in acquiring information. Gemini people possess a need for communication. They appreciate learning new things on a daily basis through their minds as they interpret the world around them. Easily bored, Gemini individuals can effortlessly move from one topic to the other efficiently, able to expand themselves and their businesses.

Mutable Sign: VIRGO (Earth)

Virgo birthdays: August 23-September 22

Virgo earth mutable signs are perfectionists. Essentially realistic, Virgos analyze life from point A to point B and search to find the best route. They then adjust and adapt to achieve security, mentally. They are health conscious which makes them obsess about physical health. Virgos are always finding ways to change for the better and improve. Overtly critical, these people often look for the truth in relationships. Once they truly believe in themselves and the projects they take on, Virgo gives it their all and invests their time profusely as they are hard workers in and out of the office who take life seriously.

Mutable Sign: SAGITTARIUS (Fire)

Sagittarius birthdays: November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius fire mutable signs are true adventurers on a mission. These individuals desire to continually learn and experience something new. They are attracted to philosophy and religion. Utilizing their self-awareness, they often question myths and ideas, attempting to formulate the truth. Their intuition directs them to the answer. Through their journey they are able to learn life’s valuable lessons and fundamental meanings. Sagittarius people are considered open-minded individuals who appreciate people equally and do not stereotype or judge hastily. While they may be irresponsible and risky at times, they are truly optimistic and worldly energized voyagers.

Mutable Sign: PISCES (Water)

Pisces birthdays: February 19 – March 20

Pisces water mutable signs exhibit change in the direction of their dreams and imaginations. A bit strayed off from reality, these people escape into a dream world at times; they are also able to be sensitive to the needs of others and are possibly psychic. Emotionally, Pisces are extremely responsive. They react rapidly and also have the capability to change their feelings according to the environment they are in.

Mutable signs are extremely versatile in their environment. They utilize their unique skills to acquire an array of information and knowledge that contributes to their overall intelligence and various perspectives. Mutable signs are also easily impatient, rebelling as their curious minds take control. These people energetically convey a gathering-type demeanor; they enthusiastically welcome ideas innovatively and thus, essentially create a means for change.

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