How to ATTRACT a Leo Woman: 4 Ways To Seduce a Female Leo ♌♀

how to attract a leo woman

Attracting a Leo Woman

You have your eyes set on a Leo woman? I can’t blame you one bit. She is surely a force to be reckoned with and a prize indeed. You must be ambitious because this woman demands to you rise to her occasion and be worthy of her presence. She is after all the Queen of the Jungle. If you cannot meet her requirements she can simply turn on her charm and find someone who can. Do not let her pass you up.

Your Lioness can be a dangerous woman. She has all the designs of a fixed fire sign and just cannot be stopped. She stalks her prey, plans an attack then pounces. There is no changing her mind or deterring her from her from her desire. Once she has locked her sights on something then by all means move the hell out of her way and fast.

How to Attract a Leo Woman

Treat Her Like a Queen That She Is

She is determined and achieves all she desires but it is lonely at the top. A Queen with as much passion and spark as a Leo woman deserves a worthy consort. What will make you worthy? Recognizing that she is to be adored and worshiped and recognizing that she cannot be held down or kept at the back. You do not engage a woman of the fire signs to be your trophy, you engage a fire sign to conquer the world as your equal.

Before you attempt to pursue please be crystal clear that this will be no ordinary task. You must know exactly how to approach for it is THE most important thing you will do. A Leo woman is not easily impressed; she will laugh you right out the door. Keep in mind she sees herself as a Queen and can easily back up her point of view with her long list of achievements. She never just “thinks.” She absolutely knows–and you must too.

Attract a Leo Woman

Be Confident and Recognize Her Worth

Confidence is the key to everything with her. Approach her with confidence and a bit of humility. Recognize her worth and tell her so. Flattery will get you everywhere with a Leo woman. They cannot get enough of your attention, compliments and flattery. When you ask her out, already have a game plan in mind. “I would like to take you …” She wants someone who knows where and when before they go.

Take her anywhere. She is a woman ruled by the sun so outdoor activities, weather permitting, are always good. Do not be afraid to take her to places that require a certain sense of class or style. Those are places she will likely feel more comfortable at. She likes a place that she can go and turn everyone’s head. She likes to show off, not only show herself off but also show her partner off. Make sure you are well dressed at all times. This first date will be everything so look great, speak well and focus on her.

She is a woman who knows how to highlight her worth, regardless of their financial or intellectual station. If she has $5, she will buy the best she can with that money and flaunt it like its gold. She knows she makes gold look good and expects anyone that she dates to be able to as well. Leo women will think twice dating anyone who isn’t as ambitious as she is. During your first date she sizing you up and will not hesitate to just leave you in the middle of the date if she isn’t happy. Do not give her a reason to! Ask what she wants in life and tell her yours. Tell her what you want to accomplish and how you plan on doing so. The more she sees you wave places to go and worlds to conquer, the more she will want to share her jungle with you.

How to Attract a Leo Woman

Have Fun With Her

Do not think that because you have a few dates with her that you are in and its smooth sailing from here. It could be a few months down the road or even two years. The second you let up and it doesn’t look like you are going to bounce back, she will bounce you. Once you come on then stay on, keep your best foot forward. She is not all business though; you can have fun with her. A lot of fun you will have once she trusts you are in her league.

Part of the fun with your Lioness is the sex. Hold on tight and be prepared for a work out. Just like life, she is in it to win it. You will both be happy and quite sated once your sessions are over. She gives direction, praise and multiple orgasms in bed. You should give just as much. She will tell you just how she likes it. You can also tell her what you like. Use all the dirty talk you can muster. Listen while she makes you release just off the sound of her sexy voice. She will not stop and you better not stop until neither of you can’t lift your head off the pillow. With a Leo you work hard and play even harder.

Attract a Leo Woman

Be Committed and Keep the Relationship Exciting

You might be reading this and think that attracting the Leo woman is work. No, the work is in keeping her. Creativity goes just as far as flattery and praise. Keeping the relationship moving forward isn’t just business and ambition it is good times and fun. She isn’t beneath throwing a wrench into things for not only her own amusement but to gauge your reaction. Until that woman is married, she will always weigh her partner’s worth. She might even do so after marriage too.

I warned you that a Leo woman is a force to be reckoned with. There may be some hoops to jump through and there maybe days where you ask yourself why do I bother, but she is proof that nothing in this world worth gold is easy or free. The Leo woman is the type that will make you a better person and even teach you something about yourself. She isn’t for the faint at heart or the passive aggressive. This alpha female is one who wants everything that world can offer and is not afraid to work for it. So put up or shut up and keep it moving if you can’t hang with the stars. Your Lioness is worth the hunt, don’t ever let her go.