Cancerian Man in Love: Personality Traits of a Cancer Man When in Love

cancer man in love

Connection with a Cancer Man

Water element signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are best known for their emotional depth and strong intuitions. Water signs have the ability to connect with others on an emotional and physical level and this is true of a Cancer man in love.

A Cancer man is a strong, caring and sensitive guy who gives the definition of a perfect gentleman. The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon which is a feminine sign so a Cancer man truly does know the secret language of women!

Because of his sensitive and kind nature, he knows how to show compassion and empathy for others. Like the moon and its phases, A Cancer man will have the tendency to close up, or retreat when hurt by others, but that’s just the crab in them. Since the feelings and emotions of a Cancer have so much depth and range, they should be handled gently.


Cancer Man Falling In Love

A Cancer man needs to be in love with someone that will understand his constant change in mood and his quirky ways.

When a Cancer man falls in love, there are no games about it. He takes relationships and love seriously because of his strong ties to his own family. This zodiac sign values strong rooted connections with people which make him very possessive of his loved ones. He has a strong desire to protect and care after his loved ones, but that’s his way of showing how much he cares.

A Cancer man is very loyal and humble man with a warm heart. When a Cancer man loves, he loves with everything that he has. He would love you with his heart, mind, body and soul. Once a Cancer man decides to love, he will be an extremely loyal and devoted mate that will show you the utmost love and compassion.


Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings for You

A Cancer man loves to give attention and affection because he wants nothing more but to show his lover how much he cares. There will be lots of touching and eye contact.

When in love, a Cancerian man would show his mate what a prince charming really is. He wants nothing more but to sweep his lover off their feet and always be the one that they can rely on. He would be a protector and the sweetest lover to his mate.

Once a Cancer man feels comfortable and secure in the relationship, he will open up and expose his vulnerable interior that he tries so hard to hide from the world. He would enjoy trying new things and explore life with his lover by his side.

Sex with a Cancer Man

A Cancer man in love is a very sexual and sensual lover because he will constantly want to please his lover. When a Cancer man makes love, it is a passionate and soul-binding union. A Cancer man in love can be a very rewarding relationship filled with creativity, compassion and endless love.


Compatibility with a Cancer Man

Since Cancer is a water sign, the can have beautiful unions with other water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, because they are able to truly understand Cancer’s emotional depth and his changing mood.

Cancer Man with Pisces

Cancer man and Pisces relationship could be a perfect match because Pisces and Cancer are both imaginative signs and share a lot of sympathy for one another. Pisces will have great ideas and Cancer would have the practicality to put those ideas into reality. They are both sweet and sensitive lovers so they would do anything to intentionally hurt one another because they know and understand the range of emotions and feelings.

Cancer Man with Scorpio

Scorpio could also be a perfect match for a Cancer man because like Cancer, Scorpio have similar emotional intensity that makes them so in tune and united that it almost feels that true soul mates. These two signs value strong, lasting relationships and enjoy the deep emotional and mental connections that they share with one another. The physical attraction between these signs is very strong because of the intense passion and love that they have in common. Like Cancer, Scorpio takes time when opening up to a new person because of the fear of being hurt or used, but once these signs warm up to one another, they can enjoy a relationship that is filled with complete honesty, passion and sincere empathy for one another.

A Cancer man can also find a good match with earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo due to their grounded nature and the stability that they offer.

Cancer Man with Capricorn

A Cancer and a Capricorn relationship could be the perfect, ideal match because both Cancer and Capricorn have similar characteristics like loyalty, devotion and the need for a stable home life. Both of these signs are known for being introverted and closed off, so they will both need to work hard to gain trust so they both will be comfortable enough to let each other in. Once this happens, this relationship has the potential to flourish and grow. Capricorn is the Father of the Zodiac and Cancer being coined the Mother of the Zodiac, and together they will bring a nice blend of masculine and feminine energy that can create a lovely match.

Cancer Man with Taurus

A Cancer and Taurus could form an ideal relationship since they both cherish security and a comfortable home to retreat too. A Taurus would be a strong and stable lover for a Cancer since Cancer can sometimes be emotionally unstable. Cancer and Taurus will give each other endless affection and romance for one another. Because Taurus and Cancer are two-position signs (two signs apart in the Zodiac), they share a deep mutual understanding for one another which makes their union that much more magical.

Cancer Man with Virgo

A Cancer and Virgo relationship could also be ideal because these two signs are very loyal and devoted signs once in love. Virgo and Cancer are driven and goal orientated individuals so together, they will build a comfortable, stable home where their love can grow and expand.

Signs that are not so compatible with Cancer Man

The Cancer man would be least compatible with fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius because they are too fast moving for Cancer’s slow and patient manner. Fire signs strong energy can stir up Cancer’s watery ways and Cancer emotional waves can put the flames out of the fire’s signs fiery energy.

A Cancer would also be least compatible with air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra since Cancer has a strong need to form emotional bonds and air signs are too detached to form a deep emotional connection with Cancer. Because air signs lives in their mind, they don’t understand the mood changes and emotional needs of a Cancer man, who lives in their emotions