15 Quotes and Facts About the ARIES MAN

aries man traits

Aries Man Personality Traits ♈?♂

1. Traits of the Aries Man

Traits of the Aries Man

Energetic and enthusiastic, he is active and likes to constantly be on the go. While he comes across very tough, he is deeply vulnerable within. Competitive. Courageous, he isn’t afraid to take risks. He has a cheeky mischievous side to him. Generous with his time, the Aries man will offer his help to anyone in need. Assertive, he pushes things forward with full force. Passionate. Ambitious and hardworking.

In love, the Aries man is fiercely protective over his lover. He likes excitement and wants his lover to be just as adventurous as he is. He likes when his lover is straightforward with him.

2. Aries Male: He’s Self Assured, Aggressive, Strong, Passionate and Generous

Aries Male: He's Self Assured, Aggressive, Strong, Passionate and Generous

An Aries male is self assured and aggressive. He’s friendly to strangers but only playful with friends or family. He doesn’t want to be mistaken as weak, so he’ll be very vocal about how he feels and will have strong likes or dislikes. When he’s in love, he is a passionate lover and highly generous. He’ll want to show you off to everyone and anyone, but will make sure to let you know that he’s the one in control and not you. If you play your role, he will give you an exciting, protective, playful and loving relationship.

3. Aries Men: headstrong, not easily fooled, turned on by intellect, dominant.

aries men traits

4. They have big hearts and can be generous, as long as they get their needs met when doing the giving.

aries men

5. Fiercely Independent

arian men

Arian men do not like to take the path of manipulation or deception. They tend to have an aura of innocence around them, but they also like to have authority and power in their control. They generally don’t like to follow and are fiercely independent.

6. Spontaneous and Fun

Aries man spontaneous and fun

This man has a spontaneous and fun side to him but may seem too serious at first. He can be quite the talker and hates being interrupted. He may have trouble with emotional availability.

In love, he’s protective of his mate and may have a higher sex drive that others. He likes to do things to make his mate happy. He’s driven and not afraid to go after who he wants.

7. Aries men are fun and energetic. They are ambitious and love competition in all its forms. They love to make new friends.

traits of aries man

8. Passionate Go Getter

aries man passionate go getter

He is a go getter who doesn’t mind passion and emotion. He doesn’t like routine. He is interested in powerful and motivated partners. He can be easily angered and can have a self righteous attitude that can take some getting used to. He doesn’t stay mad for long. Boredom can make him stray.

9. What You Need to Know About Aries Men

What You Need to Know About Aries Men

He’s spontaneous and rather exciting. He’ll spoil his mate and can be romantic if he’s interested enough. He’ll want you to make him the center of your world when involved with him romantically. He’s very protective of his family. He has a high sex drive. He can lack sensitivity.

10. Hard to Resist

aries man hard to resist

An Aries man is often hard to resist. He seems to generate excitement wherever he goes. He is adventurous and virile but he can be fickle.

11. Too much realism kills his fire, and too much routine crushes an Aries man’s spirit.

aries man realism routine

12. His actions can alternate between breathtakingly poetic gestures of generosity and some pretty crude insensitivity and trampling of other’s feelings.

aries man actions

13. Male Aries: Most Masculine of the Zodiac

Male Aries: Most Masculine of the Zodiac

The Aries man is the most masculine male of the Zodiac, the manliest man. If you’re Jane looking for Tarzan, you’ve found him. There is no one more romantic or more prepared to sweep you off your feet than an Aries male.

14. Aries men are mischievous but not devious, sometimes foolhardy but never fools, egotistic but not selfish, seriously sexy and extremely fun to be around.

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15. Although an Aries’ appetite is lusty and they radiate sensuality, at the end of the day, they just want that special someone who truly gets them.

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