23 Most Random Things about CANCER Zodiac Sign ♋ – Be Prepared to LOL!

Random Things About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Random Things about Cancer:

The most random things about Cancer ♋ (born June 22 – July 22), that I found on Tumblr and some other astrology sites on the internet. So this is what people think about Cancerians. Some are true, some are false, some are silly, and some are downright mean and offensive. Have fun!

  1. People love you because: You’re nurturing and caring.
  2. Cancer Lie: “I am fine.”
  3. What Cancers are Insecure About: Everything.
  4. Cancer’s True Weakness: Other people, moodiness.
  5. Cancer Favorite Thing To Do: Remembering and talking about the past
  6. Cancer as Soda: Sunkist
  7. When Cancer Gets No Sleep: cooks
  8. How to Guess If Someone is Cancer: Worrying a lot, very emotional, doesn’t believe in supernatural.
  9. Cancer and Sexuality: Cuddles Addict.
  10. The most hypocritical aspects of  Cancer:  Doesn’t want to deal with other people’s overemotional episodes while having them ALL THE TIME.
  11. Cancer’s Dark Side: clingy, moody, childish.
  12. When you get to know Cancer: Cries at almost everything and always has a reminder that says -people are not worth their time.
  13. Cancer As school subject: art
  14. Little Things I Love About Cancer: their unpredictable hugs
  15. Cancer as a Pretty English Word: limerence (n) – the state of being infatuated with another person.
  16. Would Cancer Fall For A Fuck Boy? Cancer will turn a fuck boy good.
  17. What annoys a random tumblr user about Cancer:  They take everything the wrong way.
  18. You Know Shit’s Serious When: A Cancer doesn’t care if you hurt them or not anymore.
  19. According To top Google searches, Why is Cancer soo:  moody, annoying, clingy…
  20. Rule about Cancer: Don’t underestimate a Cancer.
  21. Random Short Facts about Cancer: Can be Insensitive.
  22. Trust Cancer To: Keep your secrets for you. to assure you.
  23. Cancer in 25 Words: Sentimental, Dreamy, Moody, Funny, Subtle, Imaginative, Possessive. Emotional, Introverted, Patient, Caring, Intuitive, Sexy,  Magnetic, Mysterious, Obsessive, Manipulative, Domestic, Warm, Friendly, Worrier, Loving, Dramatic, Nostalgic, Sensitive.