23 Most Random Things about ARIES Zodiac Sign ♈ – Be Prepared to LOL!

Random Things About Aries Zodiac Sign

Random Things about ARIES:

The most random things about Aries ♈ (born March 21 – April 20), that I found on Tumblr and some other sites on the internet. So this is what people think about Aries. Some are true, some are not true, some are silly, funny and some are downright offensive. That’s okay. It’s just for fun.

  1. People love you because: You’re brave and strong
  2. Aries lie: “I’m calm and I don’t get mad.”
  3. What Aries are Insecure About: How loud they are
  4. Aries’ True Weakness: Their anger. their protectiveness
  5. Aries Favorite Thing To Do: Yell
  6. Aries as a soda:  A&W Root Beer
  7. When Aries Gets No Sleep: They are completely fine because they spawned from hell and there is no sleep in hell.
  8. How to Guess If Someone is Aries:  Hyper, overpowering, rude but good looking
  9. Aries and sexuality: French kisser
  10. The most hypocritical aspects of  Aries:  Hates the phrase “fight me” but still picks fights over every. damn. thing.
  11. Aries Dark Side: rude, selfish, demanding
  12. When you get to know Aries: laughs a lot and truly just kids they are very funny too.
  13. Aries as a school subject: Poetry
  14. Little Things I Love About Aries: The face they make when they read something cute.
  15. Aries as a Pretty English Word: scintilla (n) – a tiny spark.
  16. Would Aries Fall For A Fuck Boy?  Yeah but doesn’t realize it.
  17. What annoys a random tumblr user about Aries:  Always tries to compete with others.
  18. You Know Shit’s Serious When: An Aries stops competing.
  19. According to top Google searches, Why is Aries soo: moody, awesome, cold…
  20. Rule about Aries: Don’t stop an Aries.
  21. Random short facts about Aries: They care too much.
  22. Trust Aries to: Show you a good time, one you’ll remember.
  23. Aries in 25 Words: Strong, Positive, Rebellious Impatient, Competitive. Flirty, Responsible. Dominant, Extroverted. Funny, Dynamic. Proud, Charismatic. Idealist, ctive. Sexy. Charming, Risky. Optimistic, Loving.Impulsive. Blunt, Achieving. Leader, Detached.