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10 Facts About SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS Cusps: The Cusp of Revolution

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Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Personality

Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Birthdays: November 18 – 24

As kids, Scorpio Sagittarius cusps were the best friend you loved to get in trouble with. Sure the punishment was severe but in the end, you had so much fun! The next time your group got together, your bucking of authority was even more epic than the last. Now, they are ones who own the company you work for or the one who is off on their own getting the job done hours before everyone else.

This sign is always in a state of unrest and purpose, a perfect embodiment of the elements fire and water that this sign was born under. If you look up ‘wild child’ in the dictionary, you will likely find a picture of someone born under what they call the cusp of “Revolution.” The Scorpio Sagittarius cusp is one of complete and sometimes even constant change and improvement.

Conventional is not something in their vocabulary. Authority, tradition or conformity… not there either. They are the ones you need to spice life up, keep it on its toes. Boring is something they know nothing about. If things begin to look like they may turn stale, they are either on to something new or doing something to change where they are. All that wildness and trouble making growing up created a person whose imagination is vast and determination solid. As adults they become the movers and shakers of life and society itself.

They have a vision that is fantastic. Freedom, pleasure and respect are often the words used in their motto for life. Their intent is always honest and they expect the same from you as well. They have an uncanny ability to be objective and observant.

Don’t be surprised if they are both the first and third person in a sentence, they can separate themselves from reality that easily. For as unique and wonderful as that sounds, it is also a trap they get stuck in. Their vision for life requires them to both do and observe but there are times they get caught up in one aspect or another.

The only person to hold back a Sagittarius Scorpio cusp is themselves. They are competitive, suspicious and painfully jealous. This cusp sign can be possessive and extremely unforgiving which sometimes leads to impulsive and petty actions. They are quick to argue and gamble unnecessarily. Scorpio/Sagittarians will most certainly orchestrate their own demise if they are not careful. But they can bring themselves back up just as quickly as they tear themselves down.

All that fun you may have had with those born of this cusp growing up, it’s still embedded in their being; just slightly more refined and mature. They have not lost their sense of humor nor their spirit and it is likely that their natural charm and enthusiasm has multiplied ten-fold.

Romantically, they developed the same way. Their scorpion side gives them the seductive and charming attributes while their archer side gives them a flare for flirting and the fiery passion. You may not be able to handle their constant motion but when you look back on past loves, they are the one you wish you kept in your bed.

Facts About Scorpio Sagittarius Cusps

Here is a quick list of facts:

  1. You cannot and will not change a Scorpio Sagittarius cusp unless they do the changing themselves. If you do not like them as they are today, next week they may have decided to evolve in some way shape or form. It is worth sticking around to see.
  2. They are ever changing. Life is a revolution that happens every minute of every day. Sagittarius Scorpios want to be the ones that facilitate, influence or seek out the change.
  3. This sign is in a constant “student” state and their school is life itself. History, truth and philosophy pave the way towards intellectual and spiritual fulfillment. They are never satisfied and for them, that is okay.
  4. Scorpio-Sagittarius are very aware of the spiritual essence that surrounds them as well as the scientific world underneath it. They are a part of the select few that can tie it all together seamlessly.
  5. All of their accumulated knowledge makes them highly opinionated. They have no qualms using it to their advantage and in their pursuit of freedom and pleasure.
  6. A Scorpio/Sagittarian is eager, motivated and determined. They want to experience whatever they imagine and will not stop until they achieve their personal directive.
  7. Their imagination is vast, detailed and rather creative. Ideas you would never have, pop into their mind over breakfast. Their vision is extraordinary and the journey to realize it will be fun.
  8. Sagittarius Scorpio cusps are self confident to a fault and aggressive so do not be surprised if they ask you out on a date and take no for an answer.
  9. You will never be bored dating or being married to a person born under this cusp and you may never have a chance to sit down. If you keep up with them you are going everywhere and sometimes nowhere at the same time.
  10. Not only will a Scorpio/Sagittarian keep you busy they will keep you entertained. Laughter is their medicine and they don’t mind being a doctor to world.

If you are reading this and were born under this cusp, I would love to be a fly on your wall… an observer on your journey through this thing we call life. People affectionately call you “trouble maker” and you are always invited to the “cool” parties.

You captivate anyone you encounter and are absolutely enigmatic! People who are drawn to you eventually fall hard and deeply in love but you are a wonderfully complicated being so you should really stick to those who are cut from the same cloth. If you can find an Aries, Cancer or someone who is of the Pisces/Aries or Cancer/Leo cusp, you will surely find a partner in crime.

As you move through life, do what you can to try and keep your feet on the ground. Because of part of you is water element, you are very loose and fluid that you could often lose your shape and direction. You can still go out there, tilt the world on its axis and kick it in its ass, just don’t lose sight of the world immediately around you. Being gone for so long, too many people will miss you. Stay fearless my friend!

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