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10 Facts About LIBRA-SCORPIO Cusps: The Cusp of Criticism and Drama

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Libra Scorpio Cusp Personality

Libra Scorpio Cusp Birthdays: October 19 – October 26

Need to know the truth?… the absolute honest truth?, ask a Libra Scorpio cusp. You will get an honest answer, good or bad and everything in between. Be careful what you ask for because they will hold nothing back when asked so be prepared for a scathing response. You may not like their opinion, you may end up hating them for their lack of compassion when delivering bad news but in the morning, you will respect them. This is the reason why they are known as the cusp of both “Criticism and Drama,” with them, one seems to follow the other.

For as confident and sure of themselves they seem, more often than not they mistrust their intuition. They are both intellectual and emotional; their Libra side is intelligent and rational while their Scorpio side is passionate and impulsive. As one can imagine, when both sides are in conflict rather than working in tandem, they are rather difficult to deal with. There are plenty of times where they do work in tandem. Once they are committed to something, Scorpio Libra cusps see it through to completion; the passion becomes a driving force to reaching the goal. Their tenacity is both an asset and curse. It can make them competitive, stubborn and manipulative.

That ease to manipulate is another dual edge sword. If their passion is sexual and romantic then you can expect a relationship full of fireworks and excitement. The sex alone is mind blowing but gods forbid that bending you to their whim comes from a negative influence, it won’t hurt so good.

A Scorpio Libra who becomes jealous or has been lied to turns manipulation into a volatile projectile. The burn will be at an intensity you just cannot ignore and that is only the beginning. The Libra in them takes their intelligence and turns it into a cold and calculating weapon that the Scorpio in them has no problem executing to their utmost ability. A Scorpio is dangerous on its own, the added strategic ability is damn near deadly. Expect to be attacked numerous times and with no mercy. If you make it out alive after hurting a person from this cusp, my hat is off to you.

But their dangerous aura and potential deadly temper is a turn on. Be honest, you are attracted to their intensity. Scorpio Libra cusps can seduce you without trying, by simply walking and breathing. They pride on dressing well, taking care of their bodies and being active. They are active physically, they are active playfully and most certainly active sexually; you can’t get much better than that. Though you want it bad, you can practically taste it, let us be honest… there are VERY FEW who can handle it. Sure you have the brazen Aries who will whole heartily jump at this challenge but this combination is not for the faint at heart, or body and certainly not mind. Those of you who fall within the Taurus- Gemini cusp and the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp, you might want to cut in front of the line.

Facts About Libra Scorpio Cusps

Let’s review what we know and love in our Libra/Scorpio cusp:

  1. Those born within Libra Scorpio cusp strive to maintain a peaceful balance in their lives. In order to do so they often merge their emotional and rational sides in order to see every angle of any situation they encounter.
  2. They are both intuitive and probing. If they sense you are hiding something, especially purposely from them, they will not stop until they uncover your secrets. Oh does this get them in trouble!
  3. They have a determination like no other. Once they have an agenda, it isn’t over until they have achieved every single objective they desire.
  4. Libra Scorpios have no problem working until the mission, project or whatever type of task is done. Their stubbornness will not allow them to simply give up unless there is absolutely nothing left to work with.
  5. Libra Scorpio cusps love to be loved. Social gatherings and being center of attention suit them just fine. They can chat with anyone about anything as they love to learn and amass information.
  6. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a Scorpio Libra cusp to suppress their emotions. The Libra side may over rule the Scorpio side allowing their rational side to dominate. If they are not careful, they will turn cold and calculating so it is advisable to allow both the Libra and Scorpio sides to take turns.
  7. A Libra-Scorpio is addictive in the romance department. They are lusty, seductive and scorching hot. You will feel a love that burns like 1000 suns and will never find yourself bored.
  8. Those born under the Scorpio Libra cusp are dangerous when angry. Revenge turns into their middle name and they are so very smooth and stealthy about it. You will be manipulated in ways you never imagined and the sting will be everlasting. OUCH
  9. Underneath it all, they are loyal. If you need someone to help you bury a body, they are there no questions asked.
  10. Those born under this zodiac sign make effective managers. Personable enough for you to like them yet intimating enough for you to fear their wrath if you screw up your job.

Those of you who are born into this cusp are probably sitting a little taller with your chest puffed out some as you read this. You are quite proud of your strengths and what some would consider your faults. You will forever maintain that you are simply misunderstood and you are really just a sweetheart. **COUGH** All kidding aside, let’s talk about your internal hording. My friends, please let some of your luggage go! You carry around every positive and negative thing that has happened to you and what doesn’t make you stronger makes you cynical. This is the real reason why you are misunderstood, thanks to your uncanny ability to be sarcastic; no one knows when you really need a helping hand or a smack back into reality.

Think about doing yourself a favor, weed through the bullshit in your past. Are there any lifelong lessons you need to take with you? Any pain that makes you smarter and stronger in the future? Bad memories that were really blessings in disguise? Keep those and make sure their true meaning is ingrained in your soul. Everything else, get rid of it and let it die in the past it came from. Think about all you can experience now that this baggage is buried and gone. There is plenty of fun you have been missing out and it is time you have had it!

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