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Scorpio & Virgo Compatibility – What Scorpios Really Think Of Virgos

Scorpio – Virgo ♏♍❤️


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For Virgo season, we asked Scorpios about what they think of Virgos based on their personal experiences. Here’s what Scorpios have to say about their past and present relationships with Virgos:

  • I’m with one. Very loving. Loyal. Patient. And a pain in the ass ???? #scorpiovirgo
  • A Virgo and a Scorpio is a good combination 🙂
  • I get along great with Earth signs.
  • I’m a Scorpio and I’ve fallen in love with 2 Virgos.. most intense, complicated, hard love ever ..
  • I’m hopelessly in love with one…so I hate them ??‍♀️
  • They’re the coolest.
  • Virgos? nerd, looking for perfection in all they do.!
  • They’re Silent investigators.
  • Detective ?
  • My best friend is a Virgo. We are very different but at the same time very similar.
  • So many thoughts on Virgo. I have Scorpio sun and my rising sign is Virgo and I have a few Virgo family members. They show their love for you by helping you or providing a service. They are reserved but when they open up they can be very insightful. Their downfall is that they are overly critical of others and themselves.
  • They’are awesome,and we are almost alike though ?
  • Virgos are rude when drunk!
  • Adore them but they can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But I know my life has been better with them in it.
  • We don’t. Lol…just kidding. Some of my best relationships have been with Virgos.
    We both share the same focus and discipline, but they keep my Scorpio intensity on check.
  • She drives me crazy!!! LOL!
  • Sweethearts ?
  • Not showing emotions….
  • I love Virgos they are awesome individuals!
  • Love me a Virgo ?
  • Some of them are my favorite people.
  • Sensitive B**ches ?
  • Were #bestfriends of all the zodiacs.
  • Virgos, they love us Scorpios ??
  • They are our perfect partner in crime ?.
  • My 22 year old daughter is a Virgo. So, I love my Virgo daughter❤. Starting to think about it I usually get along with most Virgos.
  • Loving n caring ?
  • Virgo women are some sneaky freaky shiesty and Virgo men love obsessively and have great hearts. I say this based on the people I’ve encountered it’s my opinion and I really believe it.
  • They cool.
  • My sister is a Virgo and we are best friends . Unshakeable.
  • My Mom and My husband are Virgo.. They’re sometimes difficult, so critical, so Blunt.. but they are actually sweet individuals, caring, loving, and they can be your best friend too
  • I’ve only had relations with one Virgo he was awesome in the sheets, stubborn, but a decent person. We got along great as friends.
  • Bad communicator ?
  • Well the ones I have known were loving but also perfectionists. And everything I have is on my sleeve. I pretend for no one. Take me or leave me. I won’t shy away. Even if id like to. – Scorpio
  • Comment from another Zodiac Sign: Virgos are so needy of approval and rather hide their emotions until they feel completely secured with the other person…they are smart but lazy on their ways…Virgos would put any zodiac sign to fight for them while they watch and not move a finger….then again Im not a Scorpio who would definitely finish them up…Im a Leo. Sorry Scorpios did it again…didn’t read well…had a relationship with a Virgo…and Leo and Virgo Don’t Go!!! Lol!

Scorpio Virgo Dating:

  • I’m Scorpio and have dated 3 Virgos. They’re hot.
  • I’m currently enchanted by a Gorgeous Redhead Virgo woman. A mystery I’m trying to figure out.
  • They’re okay, cool. Currently dating one, secretly want to kill him sometimes.
  • In love with one and would go out of my way for him.
  • Well I’m dating one. He pissed the ever living hell out of me, but I’m in love with him so I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  • I dunno I just broke up with one.
  • I’m dating one ,f**k me!!!, I’m going through an emotional rollercoaster , I think he’s cheating on me cause my 7 senses are too heightened up and I also think his falling out of love with me …..o,well time to move on , someone please tell me I’m right cause instincts are right all the time and they never fail me
  • ❤️❤️❤️worth loving
  • My girl is a virgo so yea I f**k wit them.
  • The sex is thru the roof! But they think they know EVERYTHING absolutely cannot be wrong not matter how absolutely wrong they are…. But for the most part have very pure intentions.
  • Virgo? hmmm, virgo is emotional, weird, obsessive, sometimes weak minded, lovable, responsible, he/she loves you more than you love him/her… romantic…
  • Dating a Virgo and there’s no doubt that I will make her my wife. She is so loving ,caring and trustworthy.
  • It’s very difficult to keep them happy?
  • I’m in love with one and he’s amazing in all ways his Birthday is tomorrow.
  • I love them best boyfriend I ever had was a Virgo.
  • Great in bed.. but that’s it.
  • Best relationship I’ve had is with a Virgo. I’ve known mine for 14 years!

Virgo – Scorpio Marriage:

  • My lovely husband is Virgo and I would never change him. He is the best lover, friend, support. Strongly recommend 🙂
  • Love them so much I married one 16 years ago coming up on 17.
  • My husband is a virgo and he is an amazing man. He treats me like a Queen! And I surely treat him like a King.
  • I am married to one and gave birth to one and these men are amazing.
  • Was married to one for 26 years, never there emotionally, self absorbed, wanted his cake and eat it, acted like a single person buying whatever he wanted, Bi-polar!
    Walked out on me….F you!
  • One thing I have observed about virgos that they’re very proud of themselves, they don’t need anyone at all, very secretive & it’s difficult to be in a relationship with them but once you’re married to virgo then there’s no doubt of U-turn.
  • Eeer, well i married one, and that didn’t work out, so now i’m engaged to another one lol, but he’s THE one – 16 years. <3
    My Virgo was married to a Scorpio before me lol
    I said to him, neither one of us have learnt our lesson. 😉

Scorpio – Virgo Friendship:

  • Were #bestfriends of all the zodiacs.
  • Oh boy!! alright, some of my favorite and most valued people i have in my life are virgos and they REALLY piss me off sometimes. like, when I say that I mean they know exactly HOW to rile me up! but they are the best listeners and they know how to take care of you. of anyone! and they have an amazing sense of humor. sarcastic and witty. sometimes a little dark too. i love it! probably my favorite sign besides scorpios and libras.
  • My last born is a Virgo. Smart: caring but never rude. Sometime stubborn and they show a lot of affection. I rather have a Virgo than nothing.
  • My mum is a Virgo and she’s the most selfless, honest and empathic person I’ve ever known. She can’t do enough to help people in need and she feels their pain like it’s her own. I’m not just saying it because she’s my mum. She’s the best person I’ve ever known, I have the best mum in the world who just happens to be a Virgo.
  • My brother! ? There is no middle ground! We either smile together or bite each other’s head off!
  •  Only know a few Virgos. We get along well as friends…I think. Wouldn’t mind one as a future partner.

Virgo & Scorpio Compatibility: Negative Experiences

  • I’m married to one and its been a ride through hell!
  • Private, no emotions, self centered, put no effort into relationships, everything is about them, selfish in a lot of ways , don’t know where their future lies, they are not romantic at all, they r quite happy if u just leave them alone even if they say they love you, but for some reason u just love the Virgo man even when they drain the hell out of you, and and they can be adorable.
  • Ok as friends only. Not interested in any love affair or marriage with a Virgo. I find them too clingy and wanna be perfectionists. In fact, none of my circle of friends are Virgo.
  • Had 4 kids with one. We were complete opposites that couldn’t communicate. Ended up being a miserable marriage.
  • I’m Scorpio sun, but my moon is in Virgo, so I’m part Virgo… Was married to a Virgo, didn’t work out… Usually, they’re alright. Frequently health- conscious, which is what I am, too.
  • Virgos are weak minded.
  • Virgos…upset me.
  • Been married to one ..he was controlling, cheated on me a ton of times, lied obsessively..no thank you
    • reply: My first husband was just like that – Virgo 13/9
      My partner now – Virgo 10/9 is nothing like that.
  • Don’t care for them or the month of September ? lol!
  • They talk about themselves alot. How good they are ..(when they know they just screwed ya.) The have a loyalty alright. Till they start thinking. . Then they fall for the bs that they daydream in their head!
    …Oh they think they can read you like a book?!
  • I stay away from Virgo men after my ex! I have a few close Virgo females.
  • Last one I knew was lied and played games.
  •  Virgos don’t know what they want. Very indecisive.
  • No communication ?
  • Wayyyyyy too sensitive!
  • They don’t want anything deeper.
  • They pretend too much and very controlling.
  • They are not 100% honest people. I love that they are organized people, but at the end they will betray you!
  • Most complicated starsign….not sure if one should have them as a life partner….
  • They crave to be the Center of Attention !
  • I tend to avoid them … they are too damn picky for me.
  • Virgo knew me the best but also betrayed me but that’s ok because to each their own we have our separate issues wasn’t my fault! Still close to them!
  • Comment from a Virgo: Yall just dont understand us, as usual ?


Random comment about Scorpios and Virgos:

Now I have to shine a light on every proud and arrogant Scorpio here…
VIRGO and SCORPIO are ONE SIGN… two sides of a coin.
Ancient sages divided the zodiacal belt into ten signs only, since Virgo and Scorpio were “esoterically” considered one single sign.
Virgo, the sign of the celestial virgin, and Scorpio, the sign of sexual forces, together are really that marvelous Eden about which the Bible speaks to us. This is the paradise of virginal humans; this is the paradise of perfect androgyny. This is the Eden about which the Bible talks. Eden is sex itself.

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