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Scorpio & Cancer Compatibility: What Scorpios Think of Cancerians

Scorpio – Cancer

We asked Scorpios what they think of Cancers. Here are their answers based on their Scorpio – Cancer relationship experiences.

scorpio cancer compatibility

To Scorpios, Cancers are:

  • Very mysterious.
  • Have emotional issues but very loving and passionate.
  • Destiny. They’re some of the nicest people I know!
  • I’d hit it LMAO.
  • I wish I had one.
  • Super sweet…easy going…we click…a bit moody.
  • Highly emotional.
  • Some of my best friends in the world.
  • I love Cancers. Soft and feely.
  • They are sweet.
  • Home bodies.
  • I usually get along great with them! Fellow water signs and all…
  • Amazing, kind with sense of humor. Little moody at times. Love ’em.
  • Cancers need constant love.
  • I think you have a beautiful soul and an amazing heart my favorite ♋
  • Very emotional and believe in their own truth when they are a little instable, but I love them❤
  • Any horoscope will tell you Cancer and Pisces are the most compatible with Scorpio.
  • I know many cancers. Very protective. And I like that they are intuitive. They understand you without having to say anything.
  • I have a bestie who’s a cancer, he definitely helps me calm down.
  • Better than fucking Geminis…
  • My favorite signs Cancer & Pisces.
  • They’re givers…. Selfless.
  • I’ve only known female Cancerians and they are all strong-willed, sometimes moody, assertive and love their family.
  • My experience is great. My wife is cancerian. She is the best person I have seen.
  • Every cancer I’ve met has been lovely.
  • I’m a scorpio and dating a cancer. So we on good terms.
  • They’re quiet, and they need a lot of alone time. Depressed it seems.
  • Cancers act very tough like cement but can fall apart like shattered glass.
  • The most amazing, sensitive, kind hearted and loving people for Scorpio! They are made for us especially when Scorpio women and Cancer man ❤️
  • Cancer girls make awesome friends but cancer males make great sparring partners as my brother is a cancer and man do we fight like cats and dogs!
  • Amazing people !!!!!!! My hubby and two of my daughters are Cancers.
  • Apparently they’re our prefect match/soul mates.
  • Honestly they’re all right I guess… yet they’re more proud than us Scorpios and much MUCH more devious yet… they are more sensitive than us scorps. They’re water babies like us so it takes one to know one.

Scorpio Cancer Love Compatibility

What Scorpios have to say about their love experiences with Cancers:

  • It’s like two raging flames that passionately combines and boom…ultimate.
  • Scorpio Cancer Just passionate n of course matching Love them!!
  • Ohhhh cancerian man… I know they want it but they play hard to get.
  • The ‘Mother’ of all the signs.
  • Mad at one right now.
  • Cancer women top 3 easily.
  • Very kind and loveable perfect match.
  • I love the sh*t out of them.
  • My girlfriend is a Cancer and honestly she makes me happier than I have ever been.
  • I’ve had the best, most successful relationships, friendship or otherwise 11/2.
  • Love Cancers, many of my favorite people are Cancers, but my asshole ex-boyfriend is also a Cancer…oops
  • Scorpio and cancer, best relationship ever. Both water signs.
  • They are the best! I married one!
  • Possessive mates.
  • Marrying one next year been together 13 years.
  • Best for a scorpion.
  • Absolutely Love Them, But They Play A Good Game!
  • My hubby is a cancer and I love him to death!!! ❤ of gold. In good days… They are gentle.. Very sweet, romantic. In bad days, they can be very distant. They have many insecurities. It’s hard for them to show their emotion. They can appear to be cold sometimes and very hard to read. Witty but also brutal when their emotions r stirred. They love deeply.
  • I love cancer! They just click with me. Super understanding. That could also be because, my moon is Pisces. I’m almost all water.
  • I used to dislike them bc they are super emotional and it’s draining… but I’m now dating my ♋️ friend lol and so far we are super compatible lol I used to roast him so much bc of his zodiac sign but he’s literally so lovably and goofy.

Scorpio – Cancer Marriage

According to Scorpio spouses, Scorpio wives, Scorpio husbands, Scorpio exes, Cancers in love, marriage and relationships are:

  • Passionate, down to earth, determined and loves the home life. Also my husband of 20+ years. Let’s keep it going Babe
  • I love my cancer most of the time. Best partner I’ve ever had.
  • My husband’s a cancer, perfect match, been together 30 years this year.
  • Perfect match for a scorpio…. been married to my cancerian for 26 years!
  • Was married to one. Then he constantly lied to me and betrayed me. Bubye!
  • Actually today is my hubby’s birthday (Cancer husband). It’s up and down. Not good communicators. We only fight a couple times a year and it’s usually because he doesn’t know how to say no.
  • My husband, and he is amazing ❤️❤️ And so is my daughter she is such a kind soul.
  • My Cancer ex kept hanging out with her ex, she kept saying that nothing is going on he’s just a friend, I couldn’t handle it anymore.
  • Perfect match for a scorpio … Married to a cancerian for almost 7 years and each day I love her more and more.
  • Mrs is a cancer. I love her like fu*k. Nothing better.
  • My Lady is a Cancer. We’ve got our ups and downs, but teamwork is the best. She’s always there for me, and I for Her! I love her like it’s no one’s business!
  • I simply am in love with one and that cancer got me like …
  • I loved my cancer so much! But trust me you will understand how they are once you start caring for them. And you’ll be shocked! I mean it!
  • I’m cool with all the Cancers in my life…especially my man…he drives me crazy sometimes but he’s actually the calm to my storm & I love him for that…
  • Great friends, but lovers No! They are crazy, crybabies and love playing the victim.
  • My husband is a Cancer and we get along perfectly but when we don’t, it’s bad lol
    Been with one for 20+yrs Love him to death but wouldn’t do it again…..
  • My son and ex are both cancers one day apart, we separated mutually and are still good friends today. I think I get along with them better than any other sign.

Scorpio – Cancer Friendship

  • They are great besties.
  • My friend is a cancer n we have some sort of mental telepathy thing going on. We have a blast together. We both see through bull shit a mile away. She’s good people.
    Pretty much the best people ever, emotion definitely isn’t a bad thing ‍♀️
  • Cancer men are crybabies, women Cancers are my good friends but still crybabies. lol love them!
  • I’m a Scorpio and my best friend is a Cancer.
  • Scorpios get bad raps but all we want is control, sex and food and we good.
  • Yeah I like cancers. Many good friends past and present that are cancer.
  • Best friend of 15 years is a cancer! Realest one on my team. Just had my son a week ago also a cancer. I have never loved a person so much!

Scorpio Cancer Family Relationship

What Scorpio brothers, scorpio sisters, scorpio relatives think of Cancerians:

  • My Sister is a Cancer and I’d Hurt you over My Beautiful Sister …..
  • I love my Crabby Brother!!!❤♏
  • My sister. I love her we are best friends.
  • My uncle was a cancer – good guy but very bossy.
  • My son is a cancer…..the sweetest thing…. but timid and moody.
  • My daughter is cancer & my ex is cancer as well, I can’t see eye to eye with them sometimes… sometimes they are to self centered and can have very poor communication skills.
  • My father is one. Caring soul.
  • Well, my mother is a cancer and she’s the most amazing, strong, wonderful person on earth. She will also terminate you if you any way cause harm or grief to her children.
  • I have 2 granddaughter’s that are Cancerian .. love them 100%
  • I have two kids with a Gemini/Cancer cusp so I figure they’re alright.
    My son is a cancerian he’s the most loving and cheekiest chap.
  • My biological mother is a cancer and she is a narcissistic b-word. My husband is a cancer and he is a total sweetheart.
  • Dad is one. Non-social Hard worker Reliable Funny Caring.
  • My brother is a cancerian and we get along extremely well and are close.
  • Love my cancers, my daughter and husband. (Husband and I have been together 19 years ❤).

Negative Comments & Opinions by Scorpios About Cancers:

Also, there were some not-so-good comments by Scorpios (who might be bitter) about Cancerians. They are funny so I also included them:

  • Always playing victim. Usually self inflicted.
  • Way to whiny for me.
  • Headache-inducing instigators.
  • Way controlling and deceitful.
  • The whiniest sign of the zodiac. Then comes Leo Never again !
  • We need them to cook and raise kids.
  • They are cheaters but loyal too..!! XD
  • Moody, manipulating, clingy, needy and ZERO ambition.
  • Mindgames plus….. all so lovely and passionate in the bedroom but very manipulative.
  • Selfish selfishness for own desires.
  • Narracisits!! Controlling!! Mentally abusive!
  • Soft on the inside and an asshole on the outside.
  • Nothing but heartbreak lol.
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