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The Best and Funniest LIBRA MEMES ♎

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God Making Libra

What Libras are made of:
– good looks
– amazing social skills
– focus on equality
– vanity and grudge-bearing

Libra Starter Pack Memes

Libra – fashionista – social butterfly – loves fashion – outgoing – has lots of friends – amazing at makeup and hair – wants to balance everything – popular af #libramemes

Random Things About Libra:
~ aesthetic ~ “no you decide” – wants everyone to be happy – “cause I feel like I’m the worst so I always act like I’m the best” – “tired all the time” – social media comments, hearts, friend requests – hit me with that unconditional love and validation – procrastination #librameme

Funny Libra Memes About Their People Skills ?

Libras dodging confrontation be like #matrixmeme

Hmm, that sounds a bit harsh.. better add a “haha” or “lol” to ease it in
Sidenote: Libra Kim Kardashian’s birthday: Oct. 21, 1980

True or False Libra Meme – How Libra answers questions in order to please everybody.

Libra’s shy at first but once they get comfortable with you….
Sidenote: Cardi B’s birthday is: Oct. 11, 1992; her zodiac sun sign is Libra

Libra playing innocent to get what they want.

– giving compliments
– seeing the good in everything
– the friend that will definitely will be at your birthday party
– impressing people with your charm
– being confident af when going after what you want

Libra Memes: Two Types of Libra

Type 1 Libra
– silly, big on the word ‘intersectional, don’t be mad at me!, silly, high key nervous, meticulous but still always late, emojis, just trying to make the room happy

Type 2 Libra
-lol we’re just flirting what’s the big deal, truly doesn’t give a single sh*t as long as we’re cool, fake, sorry my allegiance is to my own likeability, laughs out loud at your jokes to look like they’re having a good time to someone else in the room

Type 1 and Type 2 Libra
– gossip, will die without love, classy salads, products, aesthetics, only likes funny people, that’s not fair!

Libra: Bubbly, fun loving, stylish, original, looks out for others also Libra: shallow, indecisive, puts too much pressure on themselves

Libra 1: I’m a party animal boo!
Libra 2: I’m sick of people, they’re everywhere!

Libra Struggles Memes ?

– holding in all your problems because you don’t want to burden anyone
– being extremely skeptical unless you’re given receipts

Libra Double Soda Pour Meme – wanting attention vs wanting detachment from others

Libras: Dropping hints passive aggressively about what you really want to do but sahing “it’s whatever you want to do though” vs being actually direct about what you want to do while using decisive language.

Kind of difficult. #truth

Things Libras Are Known For:
– making sure you like them even if they hate you
– having a mini heart attack in response to a poorly worded text
– perfecting the art of pretending to give a shit
– keeping the convo going
– fair treatment for all!

Libra Confused Lady Meme / Libra Math Lady Meme

Libra trying to figure out how to say no. ???

Libra Memes: Libra Issues

Lesson for Libra: You can’t make everyone happy all the time and trying it will only destroy you.

Libra Hard to Swallow Pills Meme:
Lying to keep the peace is still lying.

Libra giving advice vs Libra solving their own problems #libraproblems

You always get yourself in situations you don’t want to be in when all you could’ve just said was a simple “no” but noooo you HAVE to please the people who don’t deserve you.

Funny Libra Memes: Fun Facts About Libras

Libra trying to listen to your story but there’s a mirror in the room. #cute

Libra carefully analyzing selfies before they post them.

Libra acting surprised when someone tells them secrets they already knew.

What Librans Can’t Resist:
– judging people instantly on their looks. They deny this tho
– shitty reality tv shows
– lying almost as much as Gemini! but they call them little white lies and they act like it’s for the greater good
– assuming everyone in public is staring at them
– controlling a situation. They do it so sweetly and smoothly tho you’d never know
– weird obsession with the disney princesses

Libra Be Like:

How to Say F*** You in a nice way.

Funny gift idea for Libra. #cantdecide

Why Libras Can’t Sleep
– the crippling fear of being alone
-“why did they send me 2 heart emojis instead of 5?”
– fantasizing romantic situations
– listening to hella sad music
– crying over the factthat they gained 2 pounds during Christmas

What You Get From Librans:
– apology for no reason
– fair punishment
– text back 12 days later
– conversation that is strictly based around spilling tea

Libra Memes: Libra and Spilling Tea ?

Libra: *hears something that’s none of their business

Libra rushing to tell their bestie the gossip that they’ve just overheard.

Libra Memes: Libra & Relationships

What Libra Falls For:

– people with similar values
– someone that gives them freedom
– someone who cares
– genuine people
– intellectual stimulation
– kindness and fairness

What Libras Want in a Relationship
– honesty and loyalty
– putting an equal amount of effort into their relationship
– doing cute things together
– chilled out vibes
– someone who respects their decisions
– unconditional love

When you get in a relationship and slowly start becoming like the person you’re dating.

Libra wanting something casual vs Libra instantly falling in love.

People who constantly complain about their life but never takes Libra’s advice. #DELETE

Your Time When Dating A Libra:
– brushing each other’s hair
– eating their cooking experiments, which have an approximately 50% success rate
– listening to music together, like, just listening
– gentle bangin first thing in the morning
– watching them play video games
– being jealous of everyone around you at all times

When you’re clingy yet distant, don’t want to come off too strong but you need mad affection – but you get annoyed easily. ?

Libra with someone who can decide.

What Libra Wants in a Relationship
– lowkey wants to be a writer
– stressed when dragged into conflict
– finds impulsive adventures more enjoyable
– loves the finer things in life
– please don’t tell me to choose ugh!
– yea I’m nice but don’t tell me what to do.

What Makes Libra Mad
– being ignored
– idk, u choose – making a decision
– rude people who put others down to feel better about themselves
– people who constantly ask for favors but never give favors in return
– people taking Libra for granted

Libra with Other Zodiac Signs Meme

Libra the peacemaker. #libra #aries #scorpio

Libra is an undercover water sign. (“Let’s talk about feelings and cry together”)

Libra Memes: Libra Mood

Libra on Twitter #facts

Libra Funny Ecard

Don’t hate on Libra. #beautiful

Libra Quarantine Meme

Libra During Quarantine:
– online shopping to help cope
– can’t belienve people are hoarding toilet paper
– sipping a glass of wine
– trying to keep their family members calm
– worries but doesn’t show it
– admiring themselves in the mirror
– forgets to hand sanitize
– looking at old pics on their phone

Libra Season Meme

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