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15 MEMES About LIBRA WOMEN – Funny But True LOL!

Libra Memes – Libra Women Edition ♎︎♀

Here are some of the best Libra memes we’ve compiled about Libra women.

Women Libra Memes #1

After cuddling with Libra …. #glitterhands

Women Libra Be Like Memes #2

Things Libras Say/Libras Be Like
I care so f***k you;
Okay so I changed my mind today;
We’re going to be best friends… I can tell;
I just want everyone to get along;
Stupid boy thinks that I need him;
Be honest how does this look on me?

Libra Woman Memes #3

When someone says “you decide.”
Libra: —– LOL!

Women Libra Be Like Memes #4

Libra Be Like – Money over men, because I’ve never met a dollar I didn’t like.
Sidenote: Did you know that Cardi B’s zodiac sun sign is Libra? She was born Oct. 11, 1992.

Funny Libra Memes #5

Libra’s phone: *2937 unread messages*
Libra: “nobody loves me, I got no friends. Ugh! ‘m feeling so lonely today.

Libra Memes #6 – Libra Woman 

Libra woman waking up with zero texts from any of their boyfriends:
Libra: “Like I’m so annoyed!”

Sassy Girl meme – Women Libra Memes #7

“If people were honest, I wouldn’t have to call them out on their BS.”

Libra Memes #8 – Funny Things That Libra Women Say

“These shoes are so cute but my feet hurt.”
“Stop calling me fake for trying to be nice to everyone!”
A harsh tone during a particularly stressful week.
“Why did I have to commit to something else, I have no time!”

Women Libra Memes #9 – Leaving Guys on Read

Libra complaining on social media about being single while simultaneously leaving 5 different guys on read.

Women Libra Memes #10 – Attention to Detail ?

Analyzing 13 nearly identical selfies to figure out which one to post.

Women Libra Zodiac Memes #11

Someone: *unfollows libra*
Libra: “Sweetie, i’m unfollowing you too.”

Women Libra Memes #12 – The Thing About Libra Women …

Libra keywords:
Sensuality, new piercing ideas, independence above all else, praising equality, appreciating art and literature, problem solving skills ,being a natural comforter, knowing when to ghost someone, good puns

Libra Astrology Memes #13: Quotes and Memes About Libra

– makes cheap clothes look expensive
– in love with the idea of love
– can never decide where to eat
– finding beauty in everything
-saying ‘idc’ even when you do
– petty if you cross them

Libra Memes – Girls Edition #14

When everyone is annoying you and you can tell your inner b**ch is coming out.

Libra Memes #15: Reasons Why Libra Women Can’t Sleep

-Overthinking every conversation they had throughout the day to make sure they didn’t upset anyone.
– Worrying about literally everything!
– Thinking about that purse they saw 4 years ago that they should have bought.
– Is that a new wrinkle?
– The horrifying realization they had food in their teeth for at least half the day and nobody told them.
– The crippling, deep seated fear of being alone.
– Being to lazy to take their makeup off. But too worried about their skin to fall asleep with it on.
– Fantasizing romantic situations in which their crush falls madly in love with them.

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