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ATTRACT a Cancer Man: Here’s How You SEDUCE a Cancerian Man

Attract and Seduce Cancer Man

How to Seduce and Attract a Cancer Man

You meet this guy and you think “wow he is so nice”. You might hear him in the supermarket say “love you too mom”, as he hangs up his cell phone. A Cancer male is sensitive and caring man wrapped up in a manly package. Getting him is not as easy as one would think. Think of your favorite romantic comedy and apply it here.

Reassure Him and Prove Your Love

There are high points and a few low points then some reassuring and proving your love. Once you have a Cancer he is yours.

He is truly compassionate, warm, funny and cares about everyone and everything. That is something that comes natural to a Cancer. From saving the earth to finding that stray pup a home; they want the world to be a wonderful and safe place. Cancers like safe and traditional. They need to feel that you will stand by him through it all.

They need reassurance that things are right. The need for reassurance often causes a Cancer male to be very shy and introverted to begin with. You may have to make the first move and ask him out. Simple and traditional is the way to go. Extra points if you invite him home for dinner for a Cancer loves home cooked meals. They love all things homemade from food to the little heart you might draw over the letter “i” on a love note. They need to know you care and you are just as committed as they are.

The first date should be full of questions about him and his past. He loves his childhood and his family and would love to share every story with you. He likes to be touched so do it every chance you get. Cancers are ruled by the moon, they will appreciate your understanding and compassion. Once they feel your compassion and know it is genuine, his pants will want to come down.


Be There For The Long Haul

Be his friend first. Let him know this. Let him know that before you want to make love, you want to make sure this will work for the long haul. The more he hears and knows you want a commitment and true relationship the more special he will view you; say “long-term” he will be right there to give it to you–both the relationship and his member. If there ever is a zodiac sign to be honest with about a broken heart, it is the Cancer. He will be there for you and make sure it will never happen again on his watch. The Cancer guy craves a deep and meaningful relationship. Being able to connect with someone on various levels is imperative. Get to know the people that are close to him, like his parents or best friend. If you win them over you may won half the battle. For all the safety and security you try to provide for him, he will provide right back.


Cancer Men in Bed

When it comes time to bed your Cancer male be prepared for a night to remember. He will draw it out for hours. Foreplay will be slow and meticulous. You will feel every ounce of passion he feels toward you. He will make sure that you are happy. Just make sure you give back as good as you got it and let him know how wonderful it feels. With a Cancer, you make love. He does not fuck… its love. If he is really into you, the thrusts are deep and long. The greatest erogenous zone for Cancer is his chest. He will respond well to sucking and kissing his nipples. Gently tease them, slowly blow on them… he will be putty in your hands. It might be 10pm when you start but it will 3am by the time you roll away from each other breathing rapid and deep trying to come back down from the high. One thing is for sure, you never have a sexual complaint with a Cancer.

Once you cross over from friendship to bed friends, your battle is not won yet. Remain consistent. Keep the assurances flowing and the flirtations meaningful. Call him at work to say you were thinking about him and how good he felt inside you. Build trust with them and they will grow closer to you.


Be a Cancer Man’s Home

When he comes home to you he needs to feel that he is safe at home and nothing can get him. Home is a natural environment for a Cancer. They love spending time there with their mate having a good dinner and watching a good movie. Make him feel safe and everything is yours.

When he comes home from work, you should ask him about his day. After you hug and soothe him then tell him it’s over, he’s home. He will let it go and curl up with you on the couch. Cancers are moody but those moods can easily be manipulated for the sanctity of the relationship. Never take advantage of a Cancer. He needs to know that while he can open up to you with everything, you will keep him in line.

For better or for worse, your Cancer male will be the one you might just settle down with. He needs you to be loyal and faithful for he is the same. Cancer men are the most loyal of the astrology signs. They make excellent lovers for a person who loves romance and being swept off their feet.

As you date, the love nest became a safe haven and you became equated with trust and safety. To a Cancer this is love and seduction all wrapped in one. You love to love him and he knows it. When you part for work he knows he is coming home to the love nest you created to have a warm and cozy night with you. The nights will round out with a sweet session of love and passion then a blissful sleep. The Cancer male will give you the fairy tale if you will be his princess.

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