ATTRACT a Cancerian Woman: 5 Steps to SEDUCE a Female Cancer

ATTRACT a Cancerian Woman: 5 Steps to SEDUCE a Female Cancer

How to Seduce and Attract a Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is very cut and dry; you can take them or leave them. That being said, it does not mean she is void of passion or emotion. It is quite the contrary. She may just as well be too passionate and emotional. She feels her way through life’s decisions and does not look back. So in order to seduce her, she needs to be in the mood. If she is in no mood to date, you won’t get to even knock on her door.


1. Understand That She Needs To Be Understood

Often thought of as infuriating, Cancer women are rather… misread. It is best that before you proceed with your plans of seduction understand that they need to be understood. At ALL times. They need a partner who is going to understand that they are moody by nature. Though it may sound like they are upset with you, they are simply venting in general. They are sensitive but not only with themselves but to those around them. Some would rather not put the work in and that is fine with them. They are one of those signs that doesn’t need, they have to want.


2. Be Confident and Be Direct With Your Intent

So how do you get your Cancer woman in the mood? Be direct with your intent. She wants a partner who is not needy or greedy. For all her shyness and general reserve, she admires and appreciates a partner who is confident and forthcoming. If you are less than that and she finds out, you are cut off completely and irrevocably. Once a Cancer woman decides to have a partner if their life, whether it is a booty call situation or a relationship, they take it seriously. They like parameters and would rather not have them changed without being mutually agreed upon. She will have no problem leaving you behind. It sounds harsh and it is but for all that coldness, they have a burning desire.


3. Adore Her and Show Your Love and Care

Cancer women are romantics. Once you get past their crab shell exterior, their interior is a sweet inferno. They love romance and eroticism. She wants to be adored, loved and cared for. If you are looking for more than just a “friends with benefits” relationship then do everything you can to appeal to her emotional side. On your dates she needs to feel as if you see nothing but her. She needs to be secure in knowing that when she is with you, there is nowhere else you would rather be. Slipping in a few white lilies or roses as you are dating will always gain you their favor. Trust me; you want to gain their favor.

Cancerian females are about the thought behind the action rather than the action itself. You happen to have purchased a silver bracelet with moons on because she mentioned her natural affinity towards the celestial object. You’ve shown her you paid attention to what she says. You leave her a good morning note on her car after a date, and it shows you think about her. You surprise her with a candlelight dinner at your place and she will know you want her to get comfortable because you are not going anywhere. The effort will have gained her trust and make her want to be with you more.


4. Court Her

She has a somewhat traditional view of dating. She would love to be properly courted. Though do not be surprised if she makes you chase her time and time again. It is how she weeds out the jerks and losers from the keepers. They get fed up and leave. A Cancer woman looks at each potential suitor as a potential partner, a permanent partner. No, she does not expect you to immediately marry her but she would like to know that if she wanted to you would.


5. Make Sure You Are Committed, Faithful, and Loyal

The Cancer woman will not expect you to want to marry her so soon in your relationship but you just might find yourself wanting to. Once you gain the affections of a Cancer woman you may not want to leave. They have a both a domestic and maternal streak. No, she will not mother you but you will never have to want for anything at home. She will take care of the things you both need and you will wonder how you ever made it without her. Sometimes it is at this point where things go wrong for the Cancer woman.

They are so supportive that some are taken advantage. As she slowly lets you in, you will see why those walls were up in the first place. Those who have taken advantage of her have scarred her deeply. The wounds may heal but with a Cancer but those scars never fade. This is why it is important to understand her. It sometimes seems as if she is making you pay for someone else’s discretions but that isn’t the case. She has it in her head that the only person who will protect her is herself.

So yes, a Cancer woman is a little bit of work but once you have her it is worth it. Her passion rivals that of her Cardinal cousin Aries. She can be spontaneous and exciting. She would love deep and erotic love making sessions with kisses that make her head spin. You will never have to worry about her straying, Cancer women are fiercely loyal. She won’t leave you high and dry like others left her.

Do not let harsh reality of her life deter you from wanting to be a part of it. She is certainly not letting it hold her back. She continues to move forward and wants someone to move forward with her. Give her a chance; understand her idiosyncrasies and you will be rewarded.

You will have an amazing woman that will give you a life full of content and satisfaction. She will give you a relationship that is as exciting as it is stable. You will know a passion that could felt deep down in your bones and you will never forget how loved you are. So go ahead and crack open her shell then enjoy all the sweetness she has inside.