Scorpio as a Friend

scorpio as friends

Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

See that person over by the bar, the one with a glass of something on the rocks? You know, the one with the piercing, glittering eyes that seem to be dissecting everyone in the room?

That just might be a Scorpio.

Scorpios make for interesting friends.

They don’t call too many people “friend”, and if you are a friend, you’ve got a lot of tolerance. They can be a bit demanding, a bit difficult, and a bit intense. Conversation with a Scorpio can be sprinkled with an honesty that is almost painful, maybe even borderline cruel.

How to Know If a Scorpio Cares About You

They’re very magnetic people. Scorpios can be fascinating, and quite funny and charming, even. But a friend never really knows where they stand with their Scorpion pal. Even if your Scorpion quite likes you, there will always be a little element of insecurity. Scorpios like friends who are of some use to them. Oddly enough, if a Scorpion pal gets exasperated with you and snaps at you, it may be because he or she cares about you.

It’s when Scorpio is too polite and sociable that you’ll know you don’t really mean anything to him or her. If a Scorpio truly considers you a friend, though, they’ll be loyal to the end, and will always have your back.

Scorpio as Friends with other Water Signs

Scorpio tends to get along best with fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer. Cancer’s sweet, gentle, funny personality can handle and accept Scorpio’s intense ways. Pisces’s emotional vulnerability brings out the protective side in Scorpio, and their understanding acceptance is soothing to the Scorpion.

Scorpio Friendship with Earth Signs

Scorpio also tends to get along well with earth signs Capricorn and Virgo. Virgo is strong enough to handle Scorpio, and can give it right back to them. Scorpio and Capricorn may have much in common. They may butt heads quite a bit, but they’ll understand, and possibly respect, each other. Earthy Taurus is solid and stubborn, and will not be comfortable with pushy Scorpio.

Scorpio as Friends with Fire Signs

Fiery Sagittarius is tough enough to handle the Scorpion, and strong enough to be their own fun, outgoing selves, which will enliven a Scorpio’s day. Aries is too bossy, too dominant, and has too much of a temper to tolerate Scorpio’s ways for long. Leo may have little in common with the more reserved Scorpio, and Leo’s dominant ways will bring out the worst in the Scorpion.

Scorpio as Friends with Air Signs

Airy Libra can enjoy fun flirtation and witty conversation with the Scorpion, although Scorpio may find Libra a bit shallow. Air sign Gemini is a lively, open-hearted, restless companion. After a while, that may drive controlling Scorpio kind of nuts. Airy Aquarius is too detached and distracted for the more serious Scorpio, and Scorpio’s strong personality may irritate Aquarius.

If you’re a passing acquaintance of a Scorpio, you may find your Scorpion fascinating, but perhaps a bit disquieting. If you can truly call a Scorpio a friend, then you can do so for life, and you may never fully realize just how much your true friendship means to the Scorpion