How to ATTRACT a Virgo Man: 6 Ways To Seduce a Male Virgo

how to attract virgo man

Attracting A Virgo Man

He is probably that handyman you would love to get “handsy” with. The one that compels you to purposely break something in your apartment so he can come and “fix” it. Be honest, you want to see him in threadbare t-shirt sporting a tool belt around his waist above a pair of well fitting jeans. As you watch him repair what is broken, you catch yourself imagining the one tool in particular that can fix all your “needs”. Don’t worry; you are not the first to try to get closer to a Virgo man by watching him… work.

How to Attract a Virgo Man

Don’t Hesitate to Initiate

Virgo men are meticulous and analytical. Never expect him to fall in love with you at the first sight or chase you. They can be quiet and sometimes painfully shy until they’re comfortable in their surroundings. Therefore do not mistake this for being uninterested or cold. In the beginning you may need to initiate conversation but that’s okay because they won’t mind listening. With that said, it’s often better to talk about yourself while initially getting to know your Virgo man of choice. Along with being a bit shy they tend to be very modest.

Attract a Virgo Man

Make Him Feel Comfortable Around You

The Virgo male might feel uncomfortable if you ask too many subjective or personal questions right away. You might want to keep conversations on an intellectual level at first rather than an emotional one. Once they get comfortable with you, they will share their opinions and feelings on things, even crack a few jokes along the way.

Once they get comfortable with you, begin to seduce. A Virgo male does not need to be wined and dined. He likes easy and comfortable. If you liked him in those well fitted jeans, take him somewhere he can wear them. Though he may be comfortable, awaking the emotions of a Virgo male can be difficult. They do not mind being single and are never consciously looking for a mate. Do not despair, he does have a heart capable of emotions, it may take some time for him to trust himself to let his emotions out. Once he lets them loose, it will be worth the wait.

How to Attract a Virgo Man

Be Classy

He is usually very cautious while forming a relationship. A Virgo man will not be attracted to the “dumb blonde” or the cutesy “look at me” at me act. You may have been voted the “hottest” in the latest polls, but if you do not have a respectable level of intelligence he won’t even look at you. Lack of decorum and marked rudeness turns him off. So make sure you can hold your liquor and put that super short black mini dress towards the back of your closet. His kind of female has to be fresh, clean and crisp. You want to be a well mannered person with class and finesse in order to attract a Virgo man. No one else but him needs to know just how sexy you really are. If you want to win and keep the love of a Virgo male, make sure that you have a life that is drama free. He is prone to finding faults in others, but do not give him a reason to find one in you.

Attract a Virgo Man

Awaken His Senses

To reel in and keep a Virgo male you will need a little bit of sensual sexuality, mixed with intelligence and a unique but positive outlook on life. To him, quality of time spent with you will mean more than the quantity. He craves a relationship that is genuine and honest and sex that is passionate and sensual. Once you have won his heart, you will have him completely.

You will be rewarded with a man who is truly sincere and dependable. With a Virgo man you will never have to worry about emotional or financial stability. You will always know where you stand with him and he will not stray. You will never ever have to keep an eye on him or wonder where he is. Meanwhile, he will learn what makes you quiver and moan and work on ways to improve upon it.

How to Attract the Virgo Male

Be Genuine, Honest, and Supportive

So you’ve got that Virgo man that made your heart flutter… now what? Understand he is a workaholic. He may put in long hours at work and that will take away from his time with you. If you show him that you are supportive of his career and understand how important the work he does is, you will be the one that reaps rewards. If it gets to be too much, simply tell him. DO NOT play jealousy games or anything that would even indirectly hurt him. Once you have crossed that line he will leave and never return. Instead, use the time apart to your advantage.

Attract a Virgo Male

Keep Things Fresh

Keep things fresh and fun by mixing his work with flirting. What this will accomplish is a turned on man who is ready to fix whatever you need. Does he need to run to Home Depot? Go with him and while you cruise the aisle, run your hand across his ass or whisper how hot he makes you knowing whatever is broken will get fix and that he is fixing it. Don’t be obvious about it, make sure it’s something on the sly that maybe no one saw.

While he is at work text him a message that you are fantasizing about him finishing his task of the day by just wearing his tool belt and work boots. When he is home and he is doing something as simple as changing a light bulb, make use of the nearest flat surface. Once he is done screwing in that light bulb, do a little screwing of your own. What man doesn’t want appreciation for a job well done?

You might have started the task of seducing your Virgo some time ago but once you get him, you will see it was well worth the wait. You have a lover that is stable yet a little adventurous but so very capable. Those hands of his can build more than shelves and his mind can think of things other than blueprints. He can be a true partner and the love of a lifetime. He is an investment that yields the big returns.