Best Careers for Gemini: 5 Job Ideas for Geminis

gemini careers

Best Jobs for Gemini

gemini careers

A daily nine to five desk job is not recommended as the best Gemini Career, as they will be easily bored. Their vivacious, outgoing personalities require a career that is continuously changing. For example: A master woodworker, musician, or photographer will be a great outlet for the creativity of a Gemini. A college professor is career path that will allow Gemini intelligence to shine and a Preacher will give them another platform to speak and share their wisdom to a captive audience.

Gemini Career #1


A Gemini would thrive in a career as a journalist, they have a wonderful flare for writing, and will keep their audience entertained and certainly engaged. A Gemini will leave no stone unturned, they will get to the truth, and you can trust that their facts will be checked at least twice and probably more. The great thing about this type of career is the freedom, both mentally and physically, as they are not tied to a desk all day.

Gemini Jobs #2


Taking their writing talent one step further, they have the potential to become a bestselling author. They have a natural talent for spinning an interesting tale for all to enjoy.

Gemini Career #3


Keeping in the theme of words, those born between May 22nd and June 21st can turn a simple and boring phrase into an exciting copy to sell an idea or a product. A Gemini would never fear a blank page of paper; instead they will view it as a window of opportunity.

Gemini Jobs #4


As mentioned above, a Gemini loves to share their knowledge, and they can talk for hours on end. For example, a history professor has the ability to transform a lecture hall to any given period of time. They know how to make, even the most boring of subjects, something interesting and definitely engaging. Every student, no matter what age, will love their Gemini teacher.

Gemini Career #5


The Gemini mind is full of big ideas, which makes the position of marketing specialist a perfect career for these individuals. They are good at selling an idea, and making a spectacular presentation, but more importantly they have mastered the art of persuasion and closing the deal.

Although the best Gemini careers are the ones that have been listed above, individuals born under the horoscope sign of Gemini are also not afraid of hard physical labor. They are focused on the task at hand (as long as it is not mundane). They work diligently in a position that uses both their intellect and imagination.