Gemini as Friends

gemini friendship

Gemini Friendship Compatibility

See that pleasant-faced individual sitting on the sofa with a bunch of people, chatting and laughing and watching the game on tv? If you happen to overhear that group, you’ll hear them discussing anything from the weather to what makes up the universe. The center of that group is probably a Gemini.

They’re a fun lot, Geminis are. Great to talk to, about anything. They are a very likable, entertaining people. Gemini people tend to have a lot of acquaintances whom they’re quite fond of and enjoy spending time with. They’ll have just a few very, very good friends whom they may not see often, but who are never far from the Twins’ heart.

People tend to like Gemini. A lot. They’re usually quite optimistic and good-natured. Sure, they love to debate, but it’s just for the sake of exchanging and discussing ideas. Gemini is a very curious, intelligent sign with a lot of energy. They love novelty: new faces, new places, new topics of conversation.

Gemini as Friends with other Air Signs

Gemini is generally most compatible with fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius. Time spent with a Libra is usually fun, light-hearted and playful. Similar to time spent with Aquarius, although the high-minded Aquarian can usually inspire Gemini to greater knowledge.

Gemini Friendship with Water Signs

They also tend to get on well with water sign Cancer. They won’t take a Cancer’s moods too seriously, and the two will share a few laughs. Watery Scorpio may be too intense and dominant for free-spirited Gemini, while Pisces may be too emotional and clingy for a long-term friendship to handle.

Gemini Friendship with Earth Signs

Stable earth sign Taurus gets along well with Gemini. They tend to share an interest in many things, and the Bull can provide a stabilizing influence for the Twins.

Earthy Capricorn may be too serious and staid, although Gemini will be tolerant—to a point. Virgo’s “stick in the mud” ways may drag lively Gemini down.

Gemini Friendship with Fire Signs

Gemini can get along well with fire signs Leo and Aries. Aries is a lively, adventurous, chatty and fun character, which will appeal to Gemini’s quick nature. Leo is a warm, outgoing and friendly sign, and although they may try to boss around Gemini, the Twins will lightly sidestep Leo’s domineering ways.

Fiery Sagittarius may get on well with Gemini at first, but the Archer’s aggressive ways may irritate Gemini after a while.

If you’re friends (or even just a friendly acquaintance) with a Gemini, be prepared for light-hearted, pleasant times and the opportunity to learn all kinds of new facts and ideas.