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Capricorn Aquarius Cusp Personality

Capricorn – Aquarius Cusp Dates: January 17 to 23

Those born under this cusp will make you work and put forth a genuine effort, to get to know them. Once you get a taste you are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. You see a flicker of something behind their curtain and you just have to know more. With what little tidbits you have seen, you immediately form some sort of elaborate story hoping to make sense of it all or at least satisfy your curiosity until more is revealed. Because they are known as the “Cusp of Mystery and Imagination”, one would have to ask if they would ever let you behind the curtain at all.

A Capricorn/Aquarian seems to be able to seamlessly combine the serious and traditional traits that come with being a Capricorn with the creativity and curiosity that drive an Aquarius. They can take anything, break it down into its most simplest form then put it back together just to see how it regroups.

They are perceptive and methodical, so every detail is noticed and every avenue explored. No stone will ever be left unturned and never stop with mastering one subject. If given the chance many Capricorn-Aquarius cusps would be lifelong students, learning everything they can from any outlet available.

Those born under this sign are proud of their achievements and rightfully so. Thanks to their Aquarian side, they have patience that not many signs in the zodiac possess. When you couple this with the Capricorn ambition, practicality and discipline – you have a person who see a need, set an object and follow through to completion.

The only thing that can hinder an Aquarius Capricorn cusp’s growth or ability to be is their inability to let criticism roll off their back. The lack of understanding from those around them is sometimes seen as a personal failure. When they find someone who does understand them, whether it is just in part or as a whole, they never let that person go.

While many are captivated by the intrigue of a Capricorn – Aquarius, once they get to know them, they may be turned off by their desire to maintain high standards and their bossy demeanor. If their Capricorn side is dominant, the bossy demeanor may seem dictator-ish. If it is Aquarian, it may seem like a critic. If you can appreciate that they have a vision on how they want or think things should be, then you are one step closer to understanding the method to their madness.

If you are a Cap Aqua cusp, you know that “madness” is another word for creativity. You are deeply visual and may either create sculptures, paint or write creatively. When you speak, you are likely to do so by using words that creates a picture, allowing the others involved to see and feel exactly what you do. This may be another reason why you unknowingly command the attention of others. They get caught up in your world, maybe even dream world depending on the topic of conversation but they want more, they want to be a part of it.

Though you are well liked and travel in many social circles, you have problems in the romance department. You embody many of the characteristics that others look for in a significant other. You are funny, attractive and loyal but your harsh and sometimes overly critical tendencies begin to turn others off.

Aquarian goats appreciate their lover. They respect being in a relationship but sometimes their independence and narrow-mindedness over rule the intimacy and romantic needs of their lover.

Relationships are not for everyone and do not come with a manual. Aqua Caps love to love but it isn’t a priority, nothing wrong with that. When they find someone, someone worthy of all they have to offer, Capricorn Aquarius cusps must try and keep in mind that their partners have needs and dreams they may want to share with them – not go at it alone.

If Capricorn Aquarian cusps stumble across a Cancer-Leo or a Scorpio-Sagittarian, they might be able to make things work.

Facts About Capricorn Aquarius Cusps

The top ten things to remember about the inspired Capricorn/Aquarian are:

  1. As visionaries of the Zodiac, they are usually involved and interested in the betterment of world around them. You may see many as volunteers or in some other philanthropic form.
  2. They are social, in many ways. The common; many friends, people surrounding them as well as socially conscious. Capricorn Aquarius cusps are compassionate towards the problems around them and the problems globally. Being a friend will keep you informed as well. Being informed means taking action and they like taking action.
  3. Aqua Caps are brilliant. Some say their genius even borderlines insanity with how driven and focused they can be. They are not egotistical about it but they are self confident. They know that they know whatever it is they know and you would be hard pressed to find any fault in their knowledge.
  4. Capricorn Aquarius cusps work. Whether it is back breaking or a mental challenge, they will give it 200%. They need to master it, breathe it and live it. Work, causes, education and sometimes love…they are the first ones in and the last ones out.
  5. Quality is absolutely paramount in their life. Aquarius Capricorn cusps demand high standards and the best quality in everything they associate themselves with. They are stubborn and steadfast but if it is good enough for them, it likely good enough for royalty. It will certainly be good enough for you.
  6. Being so singularly focused on maintaining quality and knowledge, they often become narrow minded in the sense that the world around them falls to the wayside. Tunnel vision is probably a better description. It is compelling; they have no choice because it is so ingrained within them that it is natural and second nature.
  7. That focus holds them back as much as it propels them forward. Cap Aqua cusps set goals and achieve them at all costs especially if it benefits someone else. They are responsible and dependable, you can rest assured that it is done, done well and be everlasting.
  8. Once they get an idea in their head, they are off to the races. This opens the door wide for their envy invoking rebellious streak and their unique way of breaking all the rules without so much as breaking sweat. If you happen to be along for the ride, you have a story to tell the grandchildren.
  9. All of the above make them intriguing and enigmatic. People who do not even know who they are are drawn to Capricorn Aquarius cusps when they randomly meet. People want to meet them, surround themselves with them and be like them.
  10. Though the positive outweigh the negative, they have problems with matters of the heart. They need someone who understands, truly understands their need for freedom and creativity. Relationships start off well but end badly and they are left alone. Which is okay with them but that hole left behind doesn’t just fill itself. If you are in, you must be completely in or nothing at all.
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