Does a CANCER MAN CHEAT? They Are Usually Faithful but…

does cancer man cheat?

Will a Cancer Man Cheat?

Cancer Men do not carry a reputation for cheating, in fact they might be a bit possessive and protective over their families.

Cancer men are not only passionate and an unselfish lover, but they are also emotionally sensitive, which is a combination that many find sexy and attractive. He is usually not aware of how attractive he is and his ego needs to be constantly stroked for him to remain happy and secure.

Cancer Male Cheating Risk

Provided with the opportunity and an unstable mental state, any man is capable of cheating on their mate.

An Aries woman might be too aggressive for this sensitive Cancer Man; A Virgo who has an insensitive, critical nature will easily hurt and bruise the ego of a Cancerian Man. An Aquarius loves to be social and may not be a good match for this male who loves to be home, surrounded by his family.

A Taurus is just as affectionate and loving as a Cancer and they may make a good match. The Crab and the Fish (Pisces) both love to be surrounded by family and friends and they value the security of their home filled with love. Another Cancer would certainly understand the mood swings that this sign encounters. A Scorpio is adaptable and can easily deal with the moodiness of their Cancer lover.

Because the Cancer Male is in touch with his “sensitive side”, his perfect mate should be caring but also mentally stronger than he. This will greatly increase the chance that he will stay loyal, faithful and not cheat.

Although gentle, caring and usually private in his relations – there are times when the Cancer Male will get “crabby”, moody and possibly irrational. At times like this, it is best to let them be alone as the dark cloud passes or he has resolved some sort of problem, issue or conflict in his mind.