The Cancer Female: Personality, Compatibility, Career, Love & Marriage

the cancer female

Cancer Female Personality

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and is a Moon-ruled water sign. These imaginative females are, as water signs tend to be, quite adaptable to changing circumstances. They make for great companions. They’ll remember everything, including how you met and probably what you were wearing and even eating at the time. Don’t believe them? They probably still have the receipt from that lunch date. They’ll hang on to treasured memories and mementos with those crab claws of theirs, and when feeling a bit blue, they’ll haul them out and wallow in happy reminiscences.

Cancer girls are lovely, sweet-faced girls with a sunny personality. They’re funny girls, and can be very outgoing when they feel comfortable with the company they’re keeping.

An outing with a female crab may not always go as planned, but they’ll find some way to make it work and still have a good time. For a female Cancer, an outing where she’s the center of her mate’s attention, near the ocean somehow, and with tons of good food, is a good time as far as she’s concerned. Her kind, gentle ways tend to make any outing an experience.

However, when these ladies are feeling a bit blue, they can get rather moody. Their confidence will no doubt be lower than usual, and they just won’t be feeling as tough and resilient as they’d like. At times like this, they’re likely to duck back into their warm, snug shell for a while.

At their worst, they can be rather discontent, even lazy and depressed. When their confidence is down, they’ll likely be full of self-pity and timid, afraid to say or do anything for fear of getting in any kind of trouble. And if they’ve ever been mad at someone, those old emotions will come roaring back in a grudgeful way. They’ll feel helpless, and everything will seem hopeless.

If someone tries to pry them out of their shell before they’re good and ready to emerge, that someone’s got a job on their hands. The sad lady crab will not be trusting of the other’s good intentions, and simply does not want to be cheered up! In this kind of mood, there’s just not enough love in the world to satisfy an unhappy crab. It’s probably best to just let them be for a while, to recharge their batteries. Once the moon shifts into a new phase, hopefully the Cancer girl will, too.

Cancer Female: Career and Work

Cancer ladies are hard workers, steady and reliable. They make a strong backbone for any team. In fact, they’re often surprisingly shrewd and intuitive in the business world. Perceptive, too. They can see right through a boss or other employee. They know what others are up to.

Cancer women tend to have a knack for taking good care of money, both their own and someone else’s. They can work fairly well with others, but they like to work on their own. They can be very independent in the workplace. However, self-employment usually isn’t their thing. They have a strong, strong craving for job (and financial) security.

Being such hard workers, they have a very good sense of their worth, and don’t like to take jobs that they consider to be beneath their skills and talents.

Cancer Female: Friendships

The Cancer female loves to take care of things. They can be quite nurturing, and very sensitive to other’s emotions and needs. In fact, they may almost seem psychic at times. Once they form an emotional connection to a friend, and the trust builds between them, they’ll spoil their friend rotten with affection and concern for their well-being. It can be a bit smothering at times, but the right type of friend will love the attention.

Cancerian Females: Love and Marriage

In love, they’re much the same as with their friends, except times ten! Cancer women are very loving and devoted. They’re the faithful types, and are always looking for a soulmate.

They don’t play at love or sex. For them, love and sex are the be-all end-all of life, and anyone who’s not serious about the relationship should probably take a hike. If one is up to such devotion, and the spiritual and emotional connection is there, then they could be in for the love of a lifetime.

Cancer ladies love the very idea of marriage, and can’t wait to settle down into a stable, secure, lifelong partnership. They were made for wifehood and motherhood.


Cancer Females: Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

They might find that they have much in common with earthy Taurus, and have a most harmonious, peaceful life together.

Watery Scorpio can give their Cancer lady all the love and security she could ever ask for. Scorpio’s intense possessiveness and jealousy probably won’t bother her much. In fact, it may just make her feel more loved and secure.

Watery Pisces tends to be very similar to Cancer. They could have a very smooth, loving, happy time together. They’ll grow together, and build themselves up together.

Earthy Capricorn is very similar to Cancer. Cap will provide stability and security, and Cancer will be able to break through the Goat’s reserves with her love and patience and kindness.

Cancerian Mothers

A typical Cancer girl is very maternal, and can’t wait to have babies of her own to love and cherish. She may give them too much love and affection, but they’ll always be sure of a warm home with Mom. As they get older, she’ll be best friends with her kids.

Sweet, dreamy Cancer isn’t about moving and shaking. She’s all about living and loving and laughing. Not a bad way to live life, actually.