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23 Most Random Things about SCORPIO Zodiac Sign ♏ – Be Prepared to LOL!

Random Things About Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Random Things about Scorpio

The most random things about  Scorpio ♏ (born October 23 – November 22), that I found on Tumblr and some other astrology sites on the internet. So this is what people think about Scorpions. Some are true, some are not true, some are silly, and some are downright mean and offensive. Have fun! ?

  1. People love you because: You’re loyal and mysterious.
  2. Scorpio Lie: “I’m not obsessed.”
  3. What Scorpios are Insecure About: Their secrets.
  4. Scorpio’s True Weakness: Fear of betrayal.
  5. Scorpio Favorite Thing To Do: Sex.
  6. Would Scorpios Fall For A Fuck Boy? Hell no!
  7. Scorpio as a Soda: Dr.Pepper.
  8. When Scorpios Gets No Sleep: Sleeps with their eyes open at work.
  9. How to Guess If Someone is Scorpio: Dark humour, puts themselves down, flirts constantly.
  10. Scorpio and Sexuality: Super Freaks.
  11. The most hypocritical aspects of Scorpio: Gets annoyed by clinginess, is clingy af.
  12. Scorpion Dark side: jealous, obsessive, controlling.
  13. When you get to know Scorpio: Actually very sensitive, loves hard. deep. not as evil as they seem, trust issues.
  14. Scorpio As a School Subject: Calculus.
  15. Little Things I Love About Scorpio: When they look at me as if they’re seeing my soul.
  16. Scorpio as a Pretty English Word: surreptitious (adj) – kept secret.
  17. What Annoys a random Tumblr User About Scorpio: Internalizes everything and never opens up to anyone.
  18. You Know Shit’s Serious When: A SCORPIO starts crying in front of people.
  19. According to top Google searches, Why is Scorpio soo: cold, complex, dark, powerful, jealous.
  20. Rule About Scorpio: Don’t lie to a Scorpio.
  21. Random Short Facts About Scorpio: Sweet as sugar mostly.
  22. Trust a Scorpio To: Have deep conversations with you. past midnight.
  23. Scorpio in 25 Words: Loyal. Secretive. Passionate. Practical. lntense. Compulsive. Curious. Possessive. Sexy. lndulgent. Mysterious. Charming. Jealous. Lonely. Repressed. Intelligent. Sensitive. Adventurous. Complex. Nonconforming. Lusty. lndulgent. Truthful. Funny. Witty.
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